When is good, enough?

Waterscape 3

Upon entering the blogging and social networking world I noticed that there are a lot of good artists. There are a lot of really good photographers. There are a lot of good painters. There are a lot of good writers and poets and novelists. There are a lot of good graphic designers. There are a lot of people good with crafts. There are a lot of people with good advice about health and philosophy. There are a lot of good right-brained and left brained people sharing their creativity and knowledge. In fact, the amount of talent out there in this interactive, virtual world in which we find ourselves can be overwhelming. Sometimes it is easy to get caught in the comparison trap and to start equating one’s worth and value by the talent of others. This is dangerous and can be destructive. I have been there. I understand. I have analyzed and over analyzed. I’ve designed, redesigned, and over designed. I’ve written, rewritten, proofread, and proofread again trying to make things just right. I’ve struggled and pushed and been frustrated to the point of finally asking myself the question “when is good, enough?”

Striving to improve one’s skills is important and to study one’s craft is wise. But what I’m learning is that it is much less stressful and more freeing to celebrate the accomplishments and abilities of others and to use those things to motivate and inspire me instead of letting it bring me down with feelings of inadequacy and detract from my own creativity. I’m learning to just do what I know to do. Be true to myself and be who I am. And in this process of self-discovery I’ve asked myself again, “when is good, enough?” The answer is simple, good enough is good enough when it is good enough for you.

Be inspired my friends – w