Expose Yourself


I had a professor at college that told us students to check out art books every week as part of an assignment. It didn’t matter what kind of art books, any kind was acceptable. Most people in the class laughed about it as a joke, or as an easy assignment and really didn’t take the professor seriously, but he was sincere and checked everyone’s progress. It wasn’t that we had to read the books, but by looking through them, he reasoned, we would be visually engaged and be exposed to a variety of techniques and skills. This in turn would affect our own view of drawing or painting or expressing ourselves creatively. We would grow as artists.

Now that I look back, his logic was brilliant…and it worked…at least for me.

This same thought process when applied to other areas of life has similar results. We are often creatures of habit and routine, but I challenge you to expose yourself to something new. Explore the unknown. Learn something that you have always wanted to learn. Introduce yourself to someone who most people would shun. Learn their story. Read something that you wouldn’t normally read. Try an interesting delicacy. Find a new destination to travel to. Engage your senses. There are a variety of things you can do. Open your mind and expand your horizons. I guarantee you will grow as a person and become better than you ever thought you could be.