Broken web-WM

This design came to me recently during a period of depression. The title depicts its message, but the design has a lot of deeper meaning hidden in its minimalism. What do you see? How does it make you feel? Do you know? Look closer. When you are ready you can read on for the story behind the design.

The elements of “Broken” display broken relationships, broken communication, and internal separation and sadness. The speech bubble was chosen to indicate broken communication, failed dialogue, and words unsaid that have left sleeplessness, fear, and anxiety. It has resulted in a departure from what was once a place of familiarity into a place of the unknown. The ground shadow is a shadow of the past, from a time when there was a state of oneness, and wholeness and a place of strength.

Internal struggles exist. Questions arise. Doubts and insecurities that can bombard one’s mind. The war within. Should I stay or should I go? These things are depicted in the contrasts throughout the design- the beveled versus the flat, the part that is floating away and the one that is more secure, yet unstable and off-balance. The sharpness versus the round. The passionate, powerful red, full of tangible energy and emotion versus the cool, textured, sad and motionless background blue.

The negative space in the midst of the speech bubble breaking apart has the shape of a vortex, a tornado. The inner whirlwind of emotions that come with separation and change. Maybe this vortex has always been there, but remained unseen until now. Maybe it was internalized before, but is now no more. Interruption to life, a change in direction. The negative space also speaks to the emptiness and absence of what once was. A hallow place, void, lonely.

The brokenness is recent as indicated by the closeness and relation between the two pieces. There is almost a longing look between the two halves gazing at each other filled with a myriad of thoughts and feelings.

Falling apart, loosing a part of oneself- part of who you are, part of who you were- terrified watching it happen. Wondering, wishing, waiting, hoping, loving, longing, living.