Reaching Higher


I’ve been a little absent lately from the blogosphere, but I promise you that it is with good cause. As you may or may not have already noticed, I’ve been doing some work on the website, updating and polishing a few things. You can see some of the changes below and of course you are invited to explore the site on your own and let me know what you think.

B_A Logo

One of the first things I went to work on was my logo. I didn’t dislike my logo, but I just wanted to polish it up and add more dimension. I maintained the shape, just rounded the corners, kept the same color gradient and changed the position of the shadow while keeping the prominent “w” in the center. I also feel like making it thicker while incorporating a circular center makes it more recognizable and less static. As a side note, I also made changes on my home page. I dropped the brick background for solid white and added more contrast in the type. I feel like it makes everything easier to identify and read.

B_A Main

The real driving force behind the changes was my portfolio page. I wanted to add some new designs and make the page easier to navigate. I accomplished this by cutting the number of “clicks” needed to get to your destination in half. Now everything is visible on one page instead of multiple pages. Also you are able to like individual pieces and leave comments about specific items where before you weren’t able to do this. I also made the thumbnails larger and, as I did with the home page, eliminated the brick background and made the category indicators more stylish.

B_A PortfolioOnce I got started redesigning, one thing led to another and I felt like I also needed to update my “About” page. Here, I updated my picture and made the layout a little more fun. I also reworded and updated some text while trying to keep the general design consistent with the rest of the site.

B_A About

I think the redesign is refreshing. I’m always trying to improve, build upon my previous work, and get better as a designer. Hopefully the changes make things easier for you too.