And The Winner Is…


I was recently honored by receiving both the Versatile Blogger Award and the Dragon’s Loyalty Award from one of my favorite bloggers, Steven. (Click on his name and you can check out his blog) He is a gifted artist and writer, fantastic story-teller and just an all around witty human being. I would love to give the awards back to him, but since he already has them, there would really be no need (although he is definitely deserving). So having received two awards in a relatively short time period, I am combining both into one post. Buckle your seat belt, here we go!

As part of the award process there are also rules that must be followed through. So, here goes, I have to nominate 15 people and then give 7 β€˜interesting’ facts about myself. So with getting TWO awards, I have nominated 30 and given 14 facts about myself.

For the loyalty award, I’ve tried to nominate those I’ve interacted with the most and/or who have followed me the longest. Most of the blogs I follow I find versatile so this one is a hard decision. There are so many great bloggers out there! Also, I’m not really sure that I am all that interesting, but I have attempted to give something interesting about me anyway and comply with said rules. So without any further ado and ramblings on my part. Drum roll please…….

My nominations (in no particular order) for The Versatile Blogger Award are:

My nominations (in no particular order) for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award are:

Some “interesting” facts about me:

1. I enjoy eating sushi on occasion. To me, its more of a specialty than a necessity.

2. I like watching a good movie sometimes, but most people are pretty shocked by the movies I have not seen. A lot of the most popular movies or movies that have received awards I’ve never seen.

3. I do not have any tattoos, but I am extremely fascinated by them and greatly admire good tattoo artists. One of my favorite television shows is Ink Master, a show in which tattoo artists compete against each other for a cash prize and a magazine feature.

4. I like watching sports and often cheer for the underdog. As a result, I find myself sometimes rooting more for individual players or coaches to do well than teams if I feel like a particular person was done wrong by a previous team or organization.

5. I used to have really long hair and my nose pierced.

6. When I was in high school, my dream was to be a rock n roll star and make it big in the music industry.

7. I have a passport, but have never traveled out of the country… yet.

8. I do not have a huge sweet tooth. I don’t keep any candy at all around the house. If I have desert, it’s usually when I’m out, not at home.

9. My two favorite candies are Twix and Twizzlers.

10. I like corny jokes.

11. I often pause commercials to look at their graphic design.

12. I love art history.

13. I once took a two-week crash course in Spanish for college. Safe to say I don’t remember much, but my professor was entertaining.

14. I enjoy reading old English literature.

Thank you to everyone for following me, taking the time to read my posts, and for your likes and comments. They do not go unnoticed. I appreciate you all so very much!Β  πŸ™‚