Facebook Inspiration

FB Inspire Fly Bird

I never really cared too much about Facebook cover photos before. I just wouldn’t have one or would find something generic online to use. That is, until recently when it became my obsession. If you have a Facebook page for your business or your artwork, I encourage you to get creative with the cover photo as a way of artistic outlet and as a way to advertise your abilities for future clients. It really can be a lot of fun too! Below are a few designs that I came up with for my own Facebook page.

FB Page Bokeh KBokeh background with tagline.

FB Sign KBillboard, neon sign with name and contact information.

FB Typewriter KTypewriter with a message of inspiration.

FB Water KWater illustration and tagline.

FB Cover Sky KOne of my favorites. Illustrated sky with tagline.

FB Cover Type CTypography inspiration.

FB Cover Black CMinimalistic black.

Do you have a favorite? The possibilities really are endless and I’m sure I will do more as time allows. Hopefully these spark some ideas for you to create some for your own. If you enjoy my artwork, I’d love for you to become a fan of my Facebook page as well. Just click the link below and then like my page for additional content that is exclusive to my Facebook fans and followers. I look forward to hearing from you! And, until next time, keep living life creatively!

Sticker FB cropSM